Curriculum Vitae
Melinda Luisa de Jesús
Associate Professor, Diversity Studies and Critical Studies
Humanities and Sciences Division
California College of the Arts

Areas of Specialization
Filipinx American cultural production, girls’ studies, Asian American literature, multicultural children’s literature, comparative American ethnic studies

1995 PhD Literature, University of California, Santa Cruz
1989 MA Women’s Studies, University of York, England
1987 BA magna cum laude, Classical Civilizations, Lehigh University

Professional Appointments
2014-2018 Chair, Diversity Studies, California College of the Arts
2011-2012 Visiting Fulbright Scholar, Centre for Women’s Studies, University of York, UK
2010-2011 Interim Chair, Critical Studies, California College of the Arts
2008-2011 Chair, Diversity Studies, California College of the Arts
2005-present Associate Professor of Diversity Studies and Critical Studies, California
College of the Arts
1999-2005 Assistant Professor of Asian Pacific American Studies, Arizona State
Spring 1999 Visiting Scholar, Center for the Comparative Study of Race and Ethnicity,
Stanford University
Winter 1999 Visiting Scholar, Women’s Studies Program, Lehigh University
1996-1999 Assistant Professor of Asian American Studies, San Francisco State University



peminology. 24 page poetry manuscript. Under review with Swan Scythe Press and Seven
Kitchens Press.

Don’t Judge A Book by Its Cover: Feminist Subversion via Revisionist Fairy Tales Found in Altered Picture Books from the National Girls’ School West’s Library, 2021-2031, or The Discovery of Fuck Happily Ever After: Kwansabas and Nonets for Rebel Girls.” Hybrid prose/poetry chapbook. Under review with Dancing Girl Press.

“Bellies.” Accepted for publication in The Mother of All Stories/ Asian Women United. Forthcoming.

“Bellies,” “Pantoum for Eloisa” and “Polvo.” Accepted for publication in Ano Ba Magazine, Issue 3 (Fall 2017).

“Hay(na)ku: For the white feminist professor who told me I was ‘ghettoizing’ myself by doing Asian American Literature,” Rigorous, 1:3 (July 20, 2017). http://www.rigorousmag.com/v1i3/melinda-luisa-de-jesus.html

“Ivanka’s New Rules for Excess,” and “For All the Grrls at the Ariana Grande Concert in
Manchester, May 22, 2017,” Local Nomad Journal: Truth or Consequences Issue ,
Summer 2017. http://www.local-nomad.net/article/melinda-luisa-de-jesus/

“On Grandma and Balut,” an ekphrastic poem in response to Jeanne F. Jalandoni’s “Balut
Studies” (2013), http://www.filamartistdirectory.com/call-for-writing/#/on-grandmaand-balut/
(28 May 2017)
“Alternative Endings for Ms. Eudocia Pulido” and “Eudocia Speaks.” In “Poetry in Response
to Alex Tizon’s My Family’s Slave.” Galatea Resurrects. Edited by Eileen Tabios. 28
May 2017. http://galatearesurrects2017.blogspot.com/2017/05/melinda-luisa-dejesus.html

“From Kellyanne’s Microwave” and “From Trump’s Microwave.” Reprinted in Machine
Dreams ‘Zine. Ed. Margaret Rhee/ Research for Poetics and Equality, UCLA,
https://issuu.com/repcollective/docs/machine_dreams_issuu (5 May 2017), 23.

“To Dana Schutz, Regarding Your Painting, Open Casket.” Konch Magazine #212, April/May
2017, http://ishmaelreedpub.com/to-dana-schutz-regarding-your-painting.

James Brown’s Wig and Other Poems. Chapbook and e-chapbook. Chicago: Locofo
Chaps/Moria Poetry, 4 April 2017.

Adios, Trumplandia! Chapbook and e-chapbook. Chicago: Locofo Chaps/Moria Poetry, 23
March 2017

“Lesson on Menopause for SCROTUS, or Menopausal Justice Warriors Give No Fucks!” in Menopausal Hay(na)ku for P-ssygrabbers. Ed. Eileen Tabios. Locofo Chaps, March
2017. 8-10.

Defying Trumplandia: More Pithy Peminist Poetry. Chapbook and e-chapbook. Chicago:
Locofo Chaps/Moria Poetry, 3 March 2017.

Petty Poetry for SCROTUS’ Girls, with poems for Elizabeth Warren and Michelle
Obama. Chapbook and e-chapbook. Chicago: Locofo Chaps/Moria Poetry, 3
March 2017.

“An Engineer’s Dream: For Srinivas Kuchibhotla, RIP, and my father, Jose Maria de Jesús
(1930-1999),” Rat’s Ass Review, 3 March 2017.

“For Alan Kurdi, the 3 year old Syrian boy found washed ashore Bodrum, Turkey, on September 2, 2015.” First Prize, Tactus SF Renaissance Chorus’ Inaugural Poetry
Competition, February 2017. http://www.tactus-sf.org/p/season.html

Humpty Drumpfty and Other Poems. Chapbook and e-chapbook. Chicago: Locofo
Chaps/Moria Poetry, 9 February 2017.

“Humpty Drumpfty.” The New York Times’ Donald Trump Poetry Competition, February 2,
2017. https://kristof.blogs.nytimes.com/2017/01/23/enter-my-donald-trump-poetrycontest/?comments#permid=21320788

“How to explain.” Rabbit and Rose, December 19, 2016.
“On 2016: Three Poems.” Konch Magazine, December 13, 2016.

“Anti-imperialist grrl raising a hapa feminist boy: a peminist mom’s progress. AKA For
Stinson. ” In Completely Mixed Up: Mixed Heritage Asian North American Writing
and Art. Ed. Brandy Lien Worral. Vancouver: Rabbit Fool Press, 2015.


Pinay Power: Peminist Critical Theory. Theorizing the Filipina/American Experience. Ed.
Melinda L. de Jesús. New York: Routledge Press, 2005.

Refereed Articles (selected)

Melinda Luisa de Jesús, Patti Duncan, Reshmi Dutt-Ballerstadt, and Linda Pierce Allen.
“Asian American Mothering as Feminist Decolonizing Reproductive Labor: Four Meditations
on Raising Hapa Boys,” in Mothering in East Asian Communities: Politics and
Practices, Patti Duncan and Gina Wong, eds. Demeter Press, August 2014.
“Acts of ‘Desi-creation’ in Tanuja Desai Hidier’s South Asian American Young Adult Novel,
Born Confused.” In Ethnic Literary Traditions in American Children’s Literature. Eds.
Michelle Pagni Stewart and Yvonne Atkinson. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2009.
“’The sound of bamboo planted deep inside them:’ Creating Lakas and the Manilatown Fish,
the First Tagalog-English Book from The Children’s Book Press.” The Lion and the
Unicorn 30:2 (April 2006), 202-217.
“Of Monsters and Mothers: Filipina American Identity and Maternal Legacies in Lynda
Barry’s One Hundred Demons.” Meridians: Feminism, Race, Transnationalism 5:1
(Fall 2004), 1-26.
“Liminality and Mestiza Consciousness in Lynda Barry’s One Hundred Demons.” MELUS
Journal 29:1 (Spring 2004), 219-252.
Reprinted in Multicultural Comics: From Zap to Blue Beetle. Ed. Frederick Luis
Aldama. Austin: U Texas Press, 2010. 73-92.
“Mixed Blessings: Korean American Identity and Interracial Interactions in the Young Adult
Novels of Marie G. Lee.” The Children’s Literature Association Quarterly 28:2
(Summer 2003), 98-109.
“Rereading History, Rewriting Desire: Tracing Queerness in Carlos Bulosan’s America Is in
the Heart and Bienvenido Santos’ Scent of Apples.” The Journal of Asian American
Studies 5:2 (June 2002), 91-111.
“Two’s Company, Three’s a Crowd? Reading Interracial (Heterosexual) Romance in
Contemporary Asian American Young Adult Fiction.” LIT: Literature, Interpretation,
Theory 12 (2001), 313-334.
Awards and Honors
2017 peminology (chapbook), Honorable Mention, Wild Leek Press Inaugural Chapbook
2006 Pinay Power: Peminist Critical Theory nominated for the 2006 Association for Asian
American Studies Book Award
2003 Council of Remarkable Filipina Women, Filipina Women’s Network (FWN)
2002 UBIQUITY (ASU Staff and Faculty Supporting Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Issues) Ally
2002 Nominated for the ASU Associated Students Centennial Professorship
2001 ASU Commission on the Status of Women Outstanding Achievement Award
Grants and Fellowships
2011-2012 UK Fulbright Scholar Award for Research and Teaching, Centre for Women’s
Studies, University of York
2010 National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA) Women of Color Leadership
Program Fellowship
2005 Carnegie Foundation/Visible Knowledge Project Writing Residency Fellowship,
Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, Palo Alto, CA
2001 ASU Wakonse Teaching Fellowship
2000-2005 Independent Faculty Investigator with The Visible Knowledge Project, Center
for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship (CNDLS), Georgetown University
1998 Rockefeller Humanities Foundation Summer Research Seminar Fellowship,
Womanist Studies Consortium, University of Georgia
1995 Citibank Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Vermont
Invited Talks (selected)
2017 Literoke Poetry Reading, Association for Asian American Studies, Portland, April 2017.
2015 “On Pinay Power.” Keynote speaker, Pinay Appreciation Dinner, Kaibingan Pilipino,
Multicultural Center, UC San Diego, April 8th
2012 “21st Century Girls’ Studies: What the Future Holds,” UK Fulbright Forum, University
of Glasgow, Scotland, January 2012..
2008 Invited Speaker, Audre Lorde Tribute Panel, National Women’s Studies Association
Annual Meeting, June 20, 2008.
Conference Activity/Participation
Panels Organized/Chaired (selected)
2017 “Painting Truth to Power: The Califia Mural and the History of Diversity Studies at
California College of the Arts,” National Ethnic Studies conference, San Francisco
State, March 2017.
2016 “Bad Girls, Mad Grrlz: Interdisciplinary Pedagogies of Challenge, Subversion and
Transformation in Girls’ Studies,” National Women’s Studies Association Annual
Meeting, Montreal, Canada. November 11, 2017.
2013 “Anti-Imperialist Grrlz Raising Hapa Feminist Boys,” Association for Asian American
Studies Conference, Seattle, April 2013.
2009 “Towards a Peminist Epistemology,” Association for Asian American Studies
Conference, University of Hawaii, April 23-26, 2009.
2005 “Pinay Power: Charting the Future of Peminist (Filipina/American) Studies,”
Association for Asian American Studies Conference, Los Angeles, April 20-24, 2005.
Conference Papers Presented (selected)
2016 “The Radical Possibilities of Girls’ Studies: Decolonizing Girlhood through the
Comic Art of Lynda Barry and Trinidad Escobar,” National Women’s Studies
Association conference, Montreal, Canada. November 11.
2016 “Re/Imagining Girls’ Studies: Beyond the Cis-terhood,” Inaugural International Girls’
Studies Association Conference, University of East Anglia, April 9, 2016.
2014 “Hot Commodities, Cheap Labor: Faculty of Color Transgressions in Women, Gender,
and Sexuality Studies” roundtable presenter, National Women’s Studies Association
conference, San Juan, Puerto Rico, November 2014.
2011 “Doing 21st Century Comparative Ethnic Studies in A Historically White Institution:
Exploring Art, Identity and Social Justice through Oral History,” Diversity Leadership
Conference, Santa Clara University, April 30, 2011.
2005 With Gloria Dickinson and Gilbert Neri. “Disruptive Third Worlds and Third
Presences: Entering the Third Space of Student and Faculty Multimedia.” 5th Annual
Carnegie International Conference on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning,
London, England. May 13, 2005.
“Acts of ‘Desi-creation’ in Tanuja Desai Hidier’s Born Confused,” MELUS Conference,
University of Illinois at Chicago, April 8, 2005.
Teaching Experience (selected)
Centre for Women’s Studies, University of York, UK
Global Girls’ Studies (graduate level), Fall Term 2011
California College of the Arts
A History of U.S. People of Color, Spring 2007-2018
Girl Culture, Fall/Spring 2007-2018
The Monsters We Make, Fall 2005, 2006, 2012-2018
Asian American Literatures, Fall 2010, 2012-2013
Boy Culture, Fall 2007, Spring 2008, Spring 2010
Service to Profession
2016 AAAS 2017 Conference Program Committee member
2015 Book manuscript reviewer for Bloomsbury Press, UK (Girls’ Studies)
2012 NWSA Women of Color Leadership Program Selection Committee
2006-2007 MELUS President
1997-2008 Founder and Chair, MELUS Women of Color Caucus,
2000-2001 Membership Chair, Executive Committee, MELUS
2003-2004 External Reviewer, Frontiers Journal
2000-2006 External Reviewer, MELUS Journal
2000 Site Committee Co-Chair and Program Committee Member, Association for
Asian American Studies National Conference, ASU, May 2000
1997-1999 External Reviewer, Journal of Womanist Theory and Research
Professional Memberships
Association for Asian American Studies (AAAS)
National Ethnic Studies Association (NAES)
National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA)
International Girls’ Studies Association (IGSA)
American Studies Association (ASA)
Society for the Study of Multi-Ethnic Literatures of the United States (MELUS)
Community Memberships
2016-present American Center for Philippine Arts
2014-present Walden Center and School, Diversity Committee and discussion leader
2014-present Temescal Tidalwaves team rep/volunteer
2013-2014 The Model School Preschool Parent Group President
2010-present California Bach Society