My chapbook-in-progress, Peminology, won an Honorable Mention in the Wild Leek Press Chapbook contest…6/1/2017

Check out my ekphrastic poem, “On Grandma and Balut,” in response to Jeanne Jalandoni’s “Balut Study” (2013) at the Filipino American Artist Directory . . .

So honored to have two poems, “Alternative Endings for Ms. Eudocia Pulido” and “Eudocia Dreams,” included in this collection at Galatea Resurrects, edited by Eileen Tabios

From Kellyanne’s Microwave” and “From Trump’s Microwave.” Reprinted in Machine Dreams ‘Zine. Ed. Margaret Rhee/ Research for Poetics and Equality (UCLA),
(5 May 2017), 23.

5/5/17: “To Dana Schutz, Regarding Your Painting Open Casket,”  Konch Magazine #212 (April/May 2017).

4/24/17: “Humpty Drumpfty” will be featured in the 4×4 initiative, Aaduna’s Celebration of National Poetry Month, April 24, 2017.

4/20/17: “Does it matter if Trump doesn’t read your protest poetry?” Jonathan Curiel with KQED’s First 100 Days: Art in the Age of Trump Series profiled the Locofo Chaps project and featured my poetry along with Eileen Tabios’ and publisher Bill Aggrezza  today. Check it out!

4/15/17: I had the honor of reading the same evening as Lawson Inada, Margaret Rhee and Neil Aitken at the Asian American Studies Conference’s Literaoke event in Portland last week. Will upload video soon.

4/3/2017: James Brown’s Wig and Other Poems is now available at Locofo Chaps!

3/30/17: Steve Klepetar reviews Humpty Drumpfty and Other Poems.

3/23/17: Adios, Trumplandia! is now available at Locofo Chaps!

3/15/17: Check out my poem, “Lesson on Menopause for SCROTUS, or Menopausal Justice Warriors Give No Fucks!”  in Eileen Tabios’ Menopausal Haynaku for P-ssygrabbers

3/15/17: Defying Trumplandia: Pithy Peminist Poetry is now available at Locofo Chaps!

3/14/17: Eileen Tabios reviewed Bill Aggrezza’s Locofo /Moria Poetry’s 100 Chapbooks project and mentioned  my work!

3/3/17: Petty Poetry for SCROTUS’ Girls, with Poems for Elizabeth Warren and Michelle Obama  is now available from Locofo Chaps!

3/3/17: “An Engineer’s Dream: For Srinivas Kuchibhotla, RIP, and my father, Jose Maria de Jesús (1930-1999)” in Rat’s Ass Review.

2/24/17: An Engineer’s Dream, For Srinivas Kuchibhotla, RIP, and my father, Jose Maria de Jesús (1930-1999)

2/18/17: Eileen Tabios reviewed Humpty Drumpfty and Other Poems here!

2/15/17: My poem, “For Alan Kurdi” won First Place in the Tactus SF Poetry Competition!

2/9/17 My e-chapbook, Humpty Drumpfty and Other Poems, is available now! Check out more political poetry at locofochaps.

“Humpty Drumpfty” made it into Nicholas Kristof’s Donald Trump Poetry Contest in The New York Times (February 1, 2017)

“On 2016: 3 Poems” in Konch Magazine  (December 15, 2017)

“how to explain” in Rabbit and Rose  (December 2017)