May 2018: Letterpress Workshop with Mary Risala Laird!

After half a year of experimenting off and on with my Adana 8×5 press and buying up lots of awesome lead type, I finally bit the bullet and took my first real letterpress class with the amazing Mary Risala Laird of Quelquefois Press.

I got to use her Vandercook Universal and printed these great cards. What a revelation to use the cylinder press after the Adana! (Had to explain to Mary who Beyonce was and the significance of the lyric…LOL)

I also got to use the slug cutter! and found a new favorite type:


Bob did the workshop with me and because he’s a mensch! he typeset and printed my poem, “The Prince:”

It was an amazing experience and I’m excited to take more classes at the SF Center for the Book this summer… ūüôā


Summer 2017:  Letterpress experiments






Second time’s the charm?

The Amazing Adana 5 x 8 Letterpress Printing Press!

My¬†beautiful Kelsey was damaged beyond repair in shipping and I’m heartbroken. *sniff*
Hoping the Adana 5 x 8 I just ordered from the UK will do the trick…

Kelsey Excelsior 6 x 10 Letterpress
I wanted to letterpress print my collection of¬†snarky princess poems but was put off by the cost, so I decided to buy a letterpress and learn to do it myself! Wish me luck….
Below are photos of my Kelsey Excelsior 6 x 10 Letterpress