3/11 (Wednesday): MIDTERM DUE BY 5pm

Course: A History of US People of Color 2020

No late papers will be accepted. Hard copy preferred.

Emailed essays must be formatted as PDFs.

Answer two of three prompts below:

1) Drawing upon the work of Takaki, describe the impact of race on the political, social and economic realities of African Americans and Native Americans.

2) Drawing upon the work of Takaki, describe the fundamental ways in which the experiences of the Irish differed from those of Mexican Americans. Focus on the political, social and economic realities of each group here.

3) Using the work of Omi & Winant and McIntosh, describe how race has helped or hindered you and your family’s fortunes today. Refer to political, social and economic power here.

Successful essays will include a clear thesis statement, persuasive supporting arguments, and a conclusion. Be sure to draw upon the course readings to support your arguments and include a Works Cited. Note that all direct quotes and paraphrases must be cited (following MLA “in-text
citation” guidelines). Essays should be about 5+ pages and should follow MLA manuscript and documentation guidelines. More detailed information is available here: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/01/