Ethnic Community Events, Spring 2020

Course: A History of US People of Color 2020

Ethnic Community Event Report Guidelines

You are required to attend one extracurricular ethnic/diversity community event of your own choosing prior to the end of the semester. To obtain full credit for your efforts, you must do the following:

1) Select and attend an event that interests you the most and fits your schedule;

2) Submit a 2-3 page essay describing the event and how it contributed both to your knowledge about a local community of color and your learning in this class;

3) Submit, along with your essay, an event program, ticket stub, photos or admission receipt. Reports are due on or before May 4.

Below are suggested events/venues; should you prefer to attend one not listed here please negotiate with me ASAP. Visit the course webpage at for updated links to more ethnic community events.


1/31: Pinay Poets reading at South SF Public Library: Janice Sapigao, Grace Burns and Melinda Luisa de Jesus

2/8/20 Lunar New Year SF

2/2/20 Lunar New Year at Oakland Asian Cultural Center

**DeYoung Museum: Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power, 1963-1983

African American Museum and Library, Oakland

Black Panther Tours

Center for Race and Gender events, UC Berkeley

Oakland Asian Cultural Center



Chinese Historical Society

La Pena Cultural Center

Japantown Cherry Blossom Festival, April 2020