In-class web-based module on menstruation

Course: Girl Culture, Spring 2017

February 20, 2017
Directions: please work in groups of 2-3 to asnwer the following questions. Assign one group member the role of notetaker for this assignment. They will represent your group work to the class.

1) View one of the following movies and discuss how the tone/themes represented relate to Brumberg’s article:
a) Molly Grows Up (1953) 14:20
b) Naturally A Girl (1974) 13:18

2) Read the following links on alternative menstrual products. Note your group’s reactions, questions, etc.
a) Alternative Menstrual Products
b Lunapads’ “Why switch to natural menstrual products?” This commercial site includes cost comparisons of natural vs. conventional menstrual products
c)Menstrual cups comparison charts (very informative site with good images and information)
3) View 2-3 different artists linked here. Note your group’s reactions to this artwork.
Art of Menstruation from Museum of Menstruation
If your group has extra time:
Story of Menstruation [Disney film for Kotex] (1946) 10:16