April 17: Girlhood in the 21st Century

Course: Girl Culture, Spring 2017
Joan Brumberg: “Girl Advocacy Again”
Coalition for Adolescent Girls: “A Global Investment and Action Agenda: Executive Summary” (online)
To watch in class:
Radical Brownies movie
Girl Rising: Peru (Senna’s Story)


In-class web exercise on Global Girls’ Studies (30 minutes)
Please select a scribe to note your answers.
1) http://girl-stats.org/
In groups of two, read the “About” section so you can better understand the goals of the Girl-Stats organization. Then explore the “Stats” and “Take Action pages.”
How does this site contribute to your knowledge of global girls’ studies?
What critiques can you offer? (15 minutes)
2) http://girlup.org
Read through the site and describe its message and goals.
How effective are Girlup’s intiatives?
Do you have any critiques?
(10 minutes)