February 20: Menstruation

Course: Girl Culture, Spring 2017


  • Morgan Jerkins: “Who Gets to Take Part in the Menstruation
    Conversation?” (reader)
  • Brianna Gardner: “A Century of Menstrual-Product Advertising” (reader)
  • Joan Brumberg: “Sanitizing Puberty: The 20thC American Way
    to Menstruate” (reader)
  • Wendy Weiner: “The Last Taboo of Reality TV” (reader)


Films: Period Piece and Molly Grows Up
Linda’s Film on Menstruation (1974) (17:48)

-If Men Had Periods

-First Period (2013) from students at National Institute of Design,Ahmadabad
-Celebrating your first period (1:26) (2014)  (Waratah Project, Australia)
“Perhaps you’ve noticed you’re changing” (Australia)

“Growing up and liking it”
Museum of Menstruation and Women’s Health:  http://www.mum.org/