4/16: Global Girlhoods

Course: Girl Culture: Spring 2018

Brumberg: Girl Advocacy Again (in course reader)

Executive summary (pgs 1-7): Girls Count: A global investment and action agenda (2009)


In-class web exercise on Global Girls’ Studies (30 minutes)

Please select a scribe to record your answers.

1) http://girl-stats.org/

In groups of two, read the “About” section so you can better understand the goals of the Girl-Stats organization. Then explore the “Stats” and “Take Action pages.”

How does this site contribute to your knowledge of global girls’ studies?

What critiques can you offer? 

2) http://girlup.org

Read through the site and describe its message and goals.

How effective are GirlUp’s intiatives?

Do you have any critiques?


Class Discussion


1:45pm: Girl Rising Excerpts: Senna’s Story/Peru (20min)

Radical Monarchs Movie (15 minutes)

Radical Brownies documentary

Article on Radical Monarchs

The Global Malala