4/30: Finals due today; class potluck

Course: Girl Culture: Spring 2018
Final project guidelines: Class Zine

Girl Culture Zine Project Guidelines

Class document here: http://bit.ly/girlculturezine

Due Monday, April 30, 2018

No late projects will be accepted, so please plan accordingly.

As a class you decided that your project will be a class-generated zine about aspects of girl culture you feel passionate about. To satisfy the research component of the assignment, you will submit a 2-3 page essay describing the goals of your zine project, its research methodology, all works consulted, results, etc. This short essay must be formatted in MLA Style. For the zine component, you will submit a 2-page spread set to the parameters designers Denise and Jerri specify (forthcoming).

Successful projects will include the following:

1) Submission of a detailed project proposal on April 23rd (via email). The proposal should be about one page, typed, and should include a brief description (thesis, methods, sources) outlining the goals of your project. It must include a working bibliography of works consulted with full citations.

2) Submission of the completed research essay and zine spread by 5pm on April 30, 2018.