April 12: Intersectionalities and Coalition Building in the 21st Century

Course: A History of People of Color in the US, Spring 2018
  • Excerpt from Jeff Chang’s We Gon Be Alright (pdf)

    Audre Lorde: “The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House” (Reader)

    Dalmage: “Discovering Racial Borders” (Reader)

    Root: “Ten Truths about Interracial Marriage” (Reader)




The Room of Silence  (2016) 

Film: “Tongues Untied”

Pew Research:  Multiracial American Voices: The Future

Kim Crenshaw: Urgency of Intersectionality



Jennifer Lee: https://www.russellsage.org/research/post-racial-society-or-diversity-paradox

National Geographic article